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I don't have any love for this business or this game or for acting. This is my day job.

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Recently Released

Sepia Cinderella

A black cast updated version of the fairy tale classic set in the 1940's nightclub scene. Features the very first screen appearance of Sidney Poitier (look quickly).

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South Side Warriors

The first documentary to focus on the vital, vibrant and largely unknown martial arts culture that still exists on the South Side of Chicago.

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King is Dead

Mini-documentary of raw, uncut reactions from the streets as American communities learned about the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Parental Advisory - language)

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28 Days: Day 1 - Rodney C. Sullivan

28 Days is a series hosted by Alexander Evans celebrating Black culture and heritage via interviews with individuals connected to the past, impacting today, and shaping tomorrow.

Rodney C. Sullivan
Leadership Coach and IT Advisor
“One thing…

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Coming Soon

Rhythm & Blues Revue

In the spirit of The Big Show and other musical extravaganza films, Rhythm & Blues review features stage performances by a cadre of music and comedy giants including Cab Calloway, Sarah Vaughn, Lionel Hampton, Nat King Cole and famed comic…

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The Boys from Ponta Preta

On the West African island nation of Cape Verde, local decide to learn and own the tourist sport of kitesurfing and create their own economy. Subtitles.

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